December 2, 2023

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4 Tips for building your digital strategy in Sri Lanka 2022

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No Sri Lankan digital marketing company can hope to develop without promoting itself on the internet and social networks. Because now, the buying journey starts from the web pages to get information, check the quality of the products and the customer satisfaction rate.

And in 2022, the digital channel will be more necessary than ever to gain visibility, create new leads, convert them into prospects and finally build customer loyalty.

Buyer Persona: who are they, what are their networks…?

First of all, the first thing to fix before embarking on the implementation of a relevant digital strategy is to identify your target audience in sri lanka.

We talk about “Buyer Persona” which corresponds to a company’s audience, that is to say the typical profile of people who are most likely to be interested in the company’s products or services.

To better understand the “Buyer Persona “, several notions must be identified: of a practical nature such as first name/surname/age/social status but also the profession or hobbies that make it vibrate.

Or even of a psychological order such as his fears, fears or his motivations and aspirations. To finally arrive at the crucial point, namely, how the product/service meets its expectations.

The answers to these questions make it possible to establish a precise profile, and therefore to aim more accurately when setting up a digital marketing strategy.

Inbound marketing generates qualified leads

Inbound marketing is an “intelligent” digital marketing strategy that aims to attract the prospect in a natural and interested way.

A strategy totally in harmony with the new purchasing process of the consumer who prefers to be the sole decision-maker (finding out about the product himself by looking for characteristics, details and above all customer opinions), far from a commercial approach intrusive and/or untimely.

The advantage of inbound marketing is that a company’s prospects are already qualified, that is to say, they are already interested in the brand, since it is their own research that has led them there. to the company’s website.

In other words, the products certainly correspond to their needs. In order to succeed with an inbound marketing strategy, an expert image must be communicated to the target in order to establish a relationship of trust.

For this, content marketing associated with SEO is the winning combination.

Content marketing is the fact of distributing informative content to customers and prospects, which brings real added value to the company.

Concretely, if a consumer wants to know how to grow tomatoes, and the shared content deals precisely with tomato growth, the varieties to be favored as well as the watering frequencies, he is bound to be seduced and convinced that you are a real expert in the field of gardening.

If there is a purchase, he prefers to opt for you rather than an unpersuasive competitor.

Any content (article, podcast, video, emailing, slide show, white paper, guide, interview, etc. ) can bring added value to position yourself as an expert.

Mastering SEO and SEA to gain visibility on the internet

When you know that 91% of clicks are on the first page of search engine results, a company has every interest in being visible at the top of the list.

For this, 2 strategies: SEO or SEA.

Natural referencing (SEO) is the fact of appearing without paying for advertising in the first results of a search engine.

To please the algorithms, many factors come into play such as loading time, content quality, adaptability to mobiles, etc.

To optimize this natural referencing, there are 3 levers: the technique of the website (loading speed, security, responsive design, etc.), the quality content (value) in connection with the requirements of the algorithms (keyword, tags, etc. ) and finally the use of internal and external links.

If we say that SEO is free, it’s because it doesn’t use paid advertising to promote a brand, because that’s SEA (Search Engine Advertising). ‘in charge.

By investing in this strategy, the company pays for the visibility of the site, without having to please Google. This means that the day the company stops investing, the website returns to complete anonymity.

Their advantages are being able to observe the interactions caused by a company’s publications and to exchange directly with prospects in order to find new customers. This is called social selling.

Because the wealth of information found on social networks is immense and induces a precise knowledge of its target and its current issues, which gives the possibility of distributing the right content at the right time in order to capture its attention.

The goal is either to go directly to the company’s site or to make direct contact.

To conclude, implementing a digital marketing strategy in 2022 requires an upstream study and analysis of targets and competitors, in order to define relevant objectives which, if achieved, will make it possible to become the reference in a sector of activity.

This involves in particular the analysis of the KPIs put in place and the implementation of a follow-up in order to adjust the shooting, if necessary, according to the results obtained…

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